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Coming soon to a ... near you!

Want to know what I am up to? This page contains updates on new collaborations, projects, products, video announcements, recent uploads and appearances! Whether you are a fan or a company who wants to see their fashion featured in social media as well as Sammie Marie's popular line of unique retro inspired products, take a look at her extensive social and professional engagements or stop by the next event and meet this bubbly calendar girl!

Events & More

Pre-Sales of the 2024 Sammie Marie Calendar

What would be a calendar girl without her calendar! This year, Sammie is releasing two versions of her Internationally acclaimed calendar with a safe for work calendar and one well... not so much. Keep an eye out for release announcements and for the pre-sales link in her exclusive online store

Coming Soon... Sammie in Miami

Follow Sammie as she takes on Miami with Dollhouse Photography on October 13th! Follow the story on Instagram. 

Coming Soon... Sammie in California

Look for updates on Instagram on October 25th as Sammie reunites with Shannon Brooke Imagery!

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