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A word about Sammie...

Welcome to Sammie Marie's Pinup Bombshell, your portal into the enchanting world of vintage glamour and timeless allure. I'm Sammie Marie, and I'm absolutely thrilled to invite you to my brand new website—a dream come true that has been on my wishlist for quite some time.

As a Pinup Model, I take immense pride in crafting captivating visuals that pay homage to the iconic pinup models of the 1940s and 1950s, often with a deliciously kinky twist. With a portfolio spanning over 200 publications across four continents, including Vintage Pinup and Retro Glamour, I've had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed lingerie brands as a plus-size lingerie model. My work ranges from classic cheesecake pinups to provocative erotica art and everything in between, including cosplay-inspired photos and WWII historical photo reenactments.

But this website is not just a showcase of my past endeavors; it's also a platform for exclusive announcements, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and the latest updates on my modeling specials. Whether you're an avid fan or a newcomer to the world of vintage pinup, I'm here to take you on a journey through the ages, celebrating the beauty, style, and sensuality that defined an era.

Do you have a project in mind or a product that deserves the spotlight? Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life. I'm always eager to hear from fellow enthusiasts, creators, and brands who share a passion for the art of pinup. Feel free to send me a message, and let's chat about how we can make magic together.

Sammie Marie's Pinup Bombshell is not just a website; it's a tribute to the timeless allure of pinup, a celebration of beauty in all its forms, and an open invitation for you to join me on this incredible journey. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to sharing many more unforgettable moments with you.

Explore, indulge, and let's make some pinup magic together.

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